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    Anhui FASTER Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as FASTER) is a large industrial manufacturing company, ...

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    Responsibility,which is a proposition that should be considered and responded at any time for each company, and also a kind of contract between the company stockholders, staff and related beneficiaries, company and society. A main expression form to the modern company system is that the name should contain the word of limited or infinite, no ...

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    The man who can find a way from the arborous forest is really an expert, and the man who can stand from enormous troubles is really a hero.

    SYB is a heroic thing, and a research road which combines dream and resplendence. Anhui FASTER is a high-Tec corporation, which is young but mature, temperate...

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Enterprise objectives:
    To be committed to develop national brand, to aim at stepping into the global market, to provide eximious products and services, to satisfy the requirements from customers constantly, and to make the most value for society, company, stockholders, and our staff.

Enterprise views on value:
    Credibility, Harmony and Win-Win, Pragmatism, To be perfect.

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