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The Signing Ceremony of the Project

On 2nd Dec, 2010, the project signing ceremony of producing 2million auto wheels per annum of Anhui Dongchi was held in the exhibition centre of Huaining County, and the following people took part in the signing ceremony, zubing, the vice chairman of Anqing Municipal Committee; shanhua Chen, the chairman of Anhui xinchang group; xinwei, the chairman of shanghai zihao international trade co.,ltd.; faguo Zhu, the overseas market manager of shanghai automotive industry corporation; xiaode Hu, the chairman of Anhui Dongchi commercial trade co.,ltd.; the leaders of huaining county, xianhan Fan, feiyue Liu, fengsheng Ding, Chenhui, xiaoyue Dong; zhixiang Li, the vie director of Administrative Committee of huaining Development Area; and some main leaders of related county departments.

Anhui Dongchi Auto Wheel Manufacture co., ltd. Specializing in the design, manufacturing, and sales of mating aluminum wheels and parts with high strength of cars, SUVS and light bus. The project is located in Huaining Economic Development Zone, and with a total investment of USD 800 million, and it is divided into two phases. The first phase will be completed in 2012, and with an investment of 200 million, to build the producing line which produces 750000 auto wheels per annum. The second phase will add 600 million to build the producing line which produces 2 million auto wheels per annum, and it will be completed in 2016. The success of the project is great achievement of the investment invitation work of our country, and it will certainly promote the development of auto parts and some related industries of Huaining, to make a greater development for invest corporations, and to reach a mutual benefits for the both partners.

Chenhui, the vice secretary of Huaining country said: we will take the project of auto wheel as a opportunity to strength the service realization, to optimize the development environment, and to ensure the project get into manufacturing earlier. Chenhui said that Huaining country will try the best to create a better political environment, legal environment, cultural environment, market environment, and social environment for Anhui Dongchi and all the investors. Zhixiang Hu, the vie director of Administrative Committee of huaining Development Area, and Xiaode Hu, the chairman of Anhui Dongchi commercial trade co.,ltd signed the contract.

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